Part 2: An Offering to Leaders of Change – creation

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

You feel it. You know it. How the change you want to bring to the world will totally enhance life and how we live. You live it, breathe it and know the logic of it. Now… how do you bring that to others?

How do you create in this new world?

How do you manifest a paradigm shift?

In the part 1 article: An Offering to Leaders of Change, we discussed the disintegration of all the programs, conditioning and paradigms that keep us engaged in the past and current conditioning. Once removed, we are cleaner and free to manifest the change we feel inside that will enhance life as we know it.

We are at the stage of creation.

To create something powerful in this new world that is not a reaction to the past is not an easy thing. We want the creations to come from a core of health, honouring and revitalization of our world. To do this, I often speak of “doing from being”.

When we are at peace within ourselves, we are often in, or close to, our “being”. This is a powerhouse of energy for change. Another motto I have is, ‘life loves life”. From that place, we have access to an immense, undeniable energy that can get through blocks that were previously viewed as impossible barriers. A lovely metaphor I enjoy is the grass through concrete. Life will get through no matter how much we layer on top of it. The challenge is to get in touch with this life - anything less, will not do. Only being will do.

To meet that end, I created a program: BE-LIFE. A synopsis follows:

Becoming aware of ourselves at a core level requires deep reflection and an ability to sense in an internal way. Once we develop this relationship with ourselves, we are able to act with more empowerment and clarity. This is “doing from being”. As we create the ability to do this for ourselves, we can then expand and offer this gift to others.

Engage in the process - engage in the relationships - engage in life. We must learn how to engage rather than “fight or flight” in order to bring transformative change to the world.

To truly be present and hear requires an open and receiving stance that involves whole body sensing with our ears, eyes, body and heart as we acknowledge the experience of ourselves, others and our world.

Inside Out
To truly bring about sustainable change, we go through an “inside out” process. Our “inside” must align with our “outside” goals. As we “clean house” and become true within, we can bring healthy restorative change to the world outside us.

To be leaders of change and bring our vision to the world, we must be the bridges for others and guide them along a path. We must know the journey and the methods of successfully moving them to embrace a life-enhancing new vision.

As leaders of change, we are aware of the whole environment and space as well as supporting the needs of the individuals and groups. Finding a natural movement and balance is an art and science.

Following these key principles will set the stage for increased success. It is also important to allow the full process of change and transformation - for that, I invite you to read another article: Chaos + Clarity = Creation.

To make this real for yourself and what you want to do, I invite you to reflect on all of the areas of the BE-LIFE. Ask, how am I embodying…? Truly listening mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically to the the answers in each of the areas will start to provide paths to successfully bringing true and transformative change to the world.

As life loves life, I wish you much true success on your journey.

If you would like to explore more of Cheryl-Dean's programs, reflections and creative spirit, you are invited to her personal website and some of her other websites: (work site with online programs and offerings) and (poetry and upcoming book).

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