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Cheryl-Dean Thompson

Life enhancer

As we look around us, there is so much richness and life. I noticed this when I was only a couple years old, with my hands in mud, and I was making mud pies for dinner with Uncle Bill. The richness of the earth, the camaraderie of a dear friend, the creative spirit of making an offering to others. I love life. I truly love to bring the life out around me. I profoundly love to enhance the life of all those I interact with.
Related skills: counselling, mentoring, consulting, facilitating, organizational development, creating programs

paradigM shifteR

As humans, we are amazing at pattern recognition. But what if pattern recognition in our perceiving, thinking and acting takes over and we lose sight of what is truly real and at our core. Every once in a while it is refreshing to give ourselves a shake and reexamine life and look at it with fresh eyes. What if our “negative” emotions hold the key to health? What if our “blocks” are treasure chests waiting to be opened? How does our strongest opponent transform into our greatest advocate? How are we actually helping ourselves when we do something we don’t like?
Related skills: coaching, personal development, writing/publishing, workshop facilitation, speaking

Renaissance woman

“Find your niche.” My niche is no niches and all niches. I have… worked in many areas: education, health, corporate business, non-profits, service, technology/IT; …been immersed in multitudes of subjects: science, psychology, community, spirituality and religion, anthropology, design, mathematics, research, sports, art, music – and the varied aspects of each – and combining them for interesting combination;… engaged in a variety of roles: mother, daughter of 8 parents, wife, friend, Rotarian, Toastmaster, dean, leader, owner, mentor, speaker, dancer, musician, author, collaborator +++. There are no limits. May we all dance in the richness of life and the multitude of opportunities.