Running Our Marathons of Life

“My life is my message.”Mahatma Gandhi Are you running with your strengths? Are you achieving your personal marathon of life? In this world of diversity, it is easy to get caught up in what others are doing and where we are lacking. Yet, our natural talents can be owned, honed and focused so that we […]

Awakening to Our Lost Dreams

How many dreams do we let go of based on someone saying we “shouldn’t” do that? My husband was late again. So… I went out to the local bar with my computer and scratchpad to do some work. As I was getting settled, the server, a beautiful lively soul, asks if I like drawing. We […]

Right or Wrong?

Live a life as a monument to your soul.- Ayn Rand Should I do this or that? Is this right or am I making a mistake? How many times do we find ourselves asking whether we are making the “right” decision? What if that is the “wrong” question? Instead, what would it be like to […]

Chaos + Clarity = Creation

A picture is worth a 1000 words. If that is the case, what is a 1000 piece puzzle worth?  Is that before or after we put it together?  What if that puzzle is what we want to create in our lives?  Now that I may have your mind in a muddle and “chaos”, let’s explore […]